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Collection Call Centre

Using outbound marketing has become a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to increase collection efficiency with the help of outside expertise.

Image by Charanjeet Dhiman

Cost-effective solution for organizations looking to increase collection.

Today, using outbound marketing call center resources has become an effective way to reduce the time and costs associated with internal outbound telemarketing, while giving your organization access to all of the benefits that an outsourced call center has to offer. Have confidence knowing your data is guarded with these extra security measures.

At ANVEE FINSERV, we’re leveraging years of experience our team has had working with and managing outsourced call centers. This experience gives our experts an edge when it comes to crafting a personalized B2C program tailored to your organization’s needs. We act as your Telemarketing Consultants and help you hit your sales goal as efficiently as possible. Our call center partners boast the latest technology, paired with a sales and collection team dedicated to your organization’s success.


We’re cutting your technology costs and saving your organization time, allowing you to focus on other priorities – with the assurance that your B2C collection are in good hands.

Call Center
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